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Whack Your Games

I have played this game since it's inception many years ago. Get out some frustrations. Laugh your A## off! Brilliant game! Spiele Whack Your Boss kostenlos auf Crazy Games. Es ist eines der besten Action Spiele! Spiele das kostenlose Spiel Dont Whack Your Boss auf! Klicken und das Spiel Dont Whack Your Boss kostenlos spielen! Wir haben die besten.

Whack Your Neighbour

Spiele Whack Your Boss kostenlos auf Crazy Games. Es ist eines der besten Action Spiele! Click each object to see how it's used, and put an end to this warring couple's feud in Whack Your Soulmate! I have played this game since it's inception many years ago. Get out some frustrations. Laugh your A## off! Brilliant game!

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This game lets you get out all your inner frustration about your workplace by torturing your boss in different ways. Can you find all 7 ways of whacking him? Platforms This game can be played in your web browser and on all your mobile devices (as an Android app or iOS app). Developer Whack Your Boss is a game by Tom Winkler/10(K). Whack Your Ex lets you get out all your anger and frustration. Whack and insult your ex as much as you want. Use the items available at the bottom of the cartoon as weapons. In this game you can either whack the ex-boyfriend or the ex-girlfriend using a wide range of brutal methods Alternatively, whack your computer, or your boss /10(19K). 10/29/ · Whack the Thief is a game of Brutal Studio, which is also in charge of creating and publishing other popular browser games, such as Whack Your PC and Whack Your Neighbor. You can follow this game publisher on Facebook for more info. Platform.

Take the role of a man having the Hulk power which can impress an attractive secretary. However, he seems annoyed with the noise from emails in his PC.

So, what do you do now? Move the mouse pointer to clickable hot spots and wait for the cut scenes of your choices. Are you dissatisfied with your boss?

If you do nothing to warn him, he will keep asking you to work overtime without paying. With Whack Your Boss, you can give your virtual supervisor the severe revenge without hurting anyone in reality.

Each item will help you express your anger in a very brutal, ruthless way. The creator is Tom Brinkler who with the help of Brutal Studios created the game and few resources so that you do not have problems running this game on your computer or mobile.

Whack Your Boss was originally released only for mobile devices but then created its website in which it showed the games available for computers.

Whack Your Boss: in this game we can use various artifacts to get even with our boss, you can eliminate your boss with a total of 24 objects including:.

Whack Your Ex: In this game we will take revenge on our ex in different disgusting ways such as: you will endlessly hit your ex to the ground, you will make a shark fall on top of the head of the other, you can cut off your ex's head, you could stab his eye, you could burn all your ex's belongings, you could use his head as a punching bag, you would hit your ex with a laptop, you would shoot your ex in the head, cut him with a chainsaw in half, destroy your ex with a rocket launcher, everything you imagine will be at your disposal.

Do not miss out such a terrific clicking action game like Whack the Thief on WhackingGame, guys. Developed with Flash technology , this game can run smoothly in all popular browsers without trouble.

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Look for a game that can help you relieve the tension, frustration and anger? Look no further, guys…give Whack….

Whacking Game : Whack Your Games. Home Whacking Game. Whack The Thief Fullscreen. How to play. Added on 04 Sep Please register or login to post a comment Register Login.

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Schweiz Polen Tor games will be added to the site — to play all the latest ones immediately, you should visit here frequently. Pinata Hunter 3. Rope Slash 2. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Each item will help you express your anger in a very brutal, ruthless way. Whack Your Boss 2. Featuring many typical and everyday garden objects to use, the Farmerspiele offers a blend of creativity and direct kill methods. Happy Tree Friends - Lumpy Artist Flash. Whack the Thief will offer you only fun and enjoyment, not disappointment, boredom, or fear. The following sequences will surely make you laugh non-stop and release your stress. Play this unblocked Y8 whack game and you will be amazed at all the brutal cut scenes for each of your unique choices. Yes That Dress. Whack Your Zombie Neighbour Whack the Serial Killer Whack the PC Whack The Terrorist Whack Gratisgutscheine Thief Don T Livescore App Your Teacher Whack Your Pc Whack The Burglars Whack Your Boss 2 Whack Your Neighbour Whack My Phone Whack Your Soul Mate Whack Your Boss 17ways Whack Your Boss. SOCIAL KIZ10 Facebook Twitter Youtube. Enjoy this classic game as a mobile app! Tap on items and activate the cartoon whackings. If you love the Whack Your Ex flash game you'll LOVE this new. The crazy classic game now has more ways to whack your computer! 15 in total and all you gotta do is find them. The secretary has become a warrior-woman! Spiele Whack Your Boss kostenlos auf Crazy Games. Es ist eines der besten Action Spiele! I have played this game since it's inception many years ago. Get out some frustrations. Laugh your A## off! Brilliant game! Mandala Coloring Pages. Flash aktivieren Detaillierte Anleitung auf unserer FAQ-Seite. Brought to you by Petesso.
Whack Your Games

Whack Your Games auf unserer Seite und kannst dich dort mit wenigen Schritten bei dem Whack Your Games registrieren. - Wir haben auch Spiele, die kein Flash benötigen. Hier sind einige davon.

Bullet Force.
Whack Your Games Whack Your Teacher - 15, plays; Whack Your Ex - 14, plays; Whack the Serial Killer - 12, plays; Whack Your Neighbour - 11, plays; Torture Game 3 - 10, plays; Mutilate A Doll 2 - 9, plays; Whack The Creeps - 9, plays; Whack The Burglars - 9, plays; Whack Your Boss Superhero - 8, plays; Whack Your Boss 2 - 8, plays; Whack Your Computer - 7, plays. At WhackingGame, we offer all popular games in the “Whack Your” series, such as Whack Your Boss, Whack Your Ex, Whack the Thief, Whack Your Computer, Whack Your Boss 2, Whack Your Boss 17 Ways, Don’t Whack Your Teacher, Whack the Creeps, Whack The Burglars, Whack Your Neighbour, Whack Your PC. Absolutely free to play, enjoy a collection of these unblocked games. Whack Your Ex. Rating: ( votes) Play Fullscreen. Whack Your Ex is a fun game where you can take revenge on your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Romantic relationships rarely end with a little bit of the ultraviolence. Whack Your Ex is here to remedy that. Feel like commemorating your break-up with some cartoonish brutality and over-the-top savagery?. Most Played Whack Games. Mutilate A Doll 2. The Torture Game 2. Whack Your Boss. Whack Your Ex 2. Whack Your Ex. Whack Your Teacher. Whack Your Boss 2. Whack Your Boss Superhero. Aren't you tired of listening to that old racist douchebag? There's only one thing to do. Whack the Trump! Find all different ways to shut his mouth in this fun game. Browse the screen with your mouse and find every clickable object on it. Trigger it by clicking on it and see this sunburned macho suffer what he deserves.
Whack Your Games
Whack Your Games
Whack Your Games